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Silver EVA Foam Underlayment 2 mm Thickness

Silver EVA Foam Underlayment 2 mm Thickness

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Dekorman's EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) Underlayment, crafted for placement beneath floating laminate, bamboo, and engineered wood floors, is suitable for a wide range of subfloor types. This underlayment boasts a 3 mm thick foam layer, ensuring superior cushioning and noise dampening. Furthermore, its closed cell foam construction provides high resistance to moisture vapor, enhancing the comfort of your flooring systems.
  • Product No. 2ES 
  • 2 mm T x 61 ft. L x 3.3 ft. W
  • Cover area 200 sq. ft
  • 2-N-1 Moisture Barrier. For use under floated laminate, bamboo and engineered wood floors
  • Dense, closed cell structure offers moisture, mold and mildew resistance
  • Lightweight, flexible, lays flat
  • Features cushioning and reduction in sound transference
  • Easy installation
  • IIC (Impact Sound Transmission Test) rating is 68, STC (Sound Transmission Class) is 65 and Sound Transmission Loss Test is 20

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