Moisture Protection

Quad-Waxed Moisture Protection

As we all know, laminate floor is sensitive to water and moisture easily finding its way along the edges, underneath the surface layer, or into the locking system, causing warping and swelling especially at surrounding tongues and groves, finally ruining your floor. So, it seems impossible for any laminate floor manufacture to guarantee 100% water proof. However, combining our cutting-edge processing technology and strict quality control, Dekorman is qualified to produce moisture resistant laminate floorings that can survive after immersing in water for few hours, allowing our products users to calmly deal with leaky air conditioning, broken pipelines, troubles from their naughty pets etc. a. High Quality of HDF Core Board Core board is the central layer of a laminate floor board supporting the weight and stresses of foot traffic and resisting surface spills and moisture form the subfloor, which is so important that the cost of it occupies approximately 70% of total cost and influences the final price directly. So, many manufactures apply particle board or medium density fiberboard (MDF) to replace HDF (high density fiberboard). However, Dekorman never compromises even when the market was down, keeping much higher level of density of core board and much lower swelling rate than industry criteria. b. Strictly Selected Balancing Layer Balancing layer is the bottom material playing a significant role of offering stability to the laminate board and resisting moisture and mold from subfloor, but sometime it is ignored by manufactures, since customers more care about decorative layer and wearing layer. As a leading laminate floor manufacture who do understand how meaningful the balancing layer is for moisture protection, Dekorman perfects this crucial detail by strictly selecting and processing the balancing material, allowing our customers to focus on “face” without worry about “reliability”. c. Quad-Waxed Processing Technology Seal wax is a necessary process in all laminate manufactory factories worldwide, but it is on various technological levels. Dekorman breaks through the traditional production process only waxing the surface of laminate plank by applying high temperature and high pressure spray wax device to perfectly crystalize the high temperature liquid biological molecular wax particles, make the wax oil penetrate to the floor base material and form a layer of protective film on the tongue and groove completely sealing core board fiber pores. Consequently, our quad-waxed processing technology effectively prevents the spread of water and moisture in any way of intrusion, and takes the initiative to capture, adsorb and decompose formaldehyde free material, further improving the floor of the environmental protection, which is also one of reasons why Dekorman laminate floors successfully pass CARB2 instituted by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to reduce formaldehyde emissions.

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