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AC Rating

The Abrasion Criteria from AC1 to AC5 first created by the ELPF (Association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring) tests impact, stains, cigarette burns, water absorption, swelling, and the abrasion of furniture legs and castors. This criteria represents laminate flooring durability for products worldwide and provides consumers a standardized guideline. The higher the AC rating, the higher the durability.

AC1: suitable for residential use with moderate traffic, like bedrooms and guest rooms.
AC2: suitable for residential use with general traffic, like living rooms or dining rooms.
AC3: suitable for residential use with heavy traffic and commercial settings with moderate traffic, like hotel rooms or small offices.
Collections of Dekorman Laminate Flooring with an AC3 Rating consist of COUNTRY, VILLA, CASTLE, COAST, RIDGE, COTTAGE, 12 OAK and LEGEND.
AC4: suitable for commercial use with general traffic, like busy offices, cafes, or salons.
Collections of Dekorman Laminate Flooring with an AC4 Rating consist of ORIGINAL and PREMIUM.
AC5: Rating are suitable for commercial use with heavy traffic, like public buildings, department stores, or showrooms.

When you compare laminate, keep in mind that the higher AC rating doesn’t mean the better for your flooring project. In commercial situations, there is no doubt that AC5 laminate floorings enjoy durability benefits, while in household situations, their surface texture may be too abrasive for bare feet. As industry insiders all know, the AC3 laminate floors are adequate for residential floors. Indeed, for some extremely exquisite surfaces and textures, an AC4 or AC5 rating is hard to achieve because of the different processing technology. That is also the reason why some laminate floorings with lower AC ratings look more realistic and sophisticated than ones with higher AC Ratings. Therefore, when thinking about your flooring project, what’s suitable for you is the best.

Surface and Texture

As a specialized laminate flooring manufacturer, Dekorman never stops providing our customers comprehensive types of textures and finishes to mimic the look of wood. In addition, we’re able to customize the surface and texture for our OEM required clients. Thus, there is no problem for choosing your dream laminate floor.

1. Smooth/Paint. A plain finish with a matte surface, this gives you the sense of solid wood flooring. With four waxed sides, it will make the planks last a long time, and you can easily install flooring as well. Dekorman Laminate Collections with smooth/paint are PREMIUM, COAST, RIDGE and LEGEND.
2. Crystal. Crystal surface laminates, featured with many raindrop lines on the smooth surface, come with middle level gloss, allowing the decorative color and patterns to be clearly seen through this surface. A Dekorman Laminate Collection with crystal is ORIGINAL.
3. High Gloss. High gloss laminate features a mirror finish, an especially brilliant surface that gives the laminate flooring a luxurious and exclusive sheen and makes extravagant wood decors such as “Magnolia” look particularly beautiful. A Dekorman Laminate Collection with high gloss is LUCENCY.
4. Embossed/Textured. Textured laminates come with many dense concave and convex wood-like grains, which don’t always match up with the printed grain’s grooves, but feel like real wood. A Dekorman Laminate Collection with small embossed is RIDGE.
5. Embossed in Registration. This amazing manufacturing process intensifies the depth, texture, and realistic look of the floor by aligning the embossing with the printed design and embossed surface texture precisely over underlying patterns, creating an amazingly natural and authentic look, while also providing increased traction and improved slip resistance. Dekorman Laminate Collections with EIR are COUNTRY, VILLA, COTTAGE, and 12 OAK.
6.Embossed-In-Register & Handscraped. The EIR with distressed effect, with its attractive selection of decors, realistic surfaces, and spacious appearance adds rustic style and an antique look to wood, enhancing the appearance and giving every room a calm and elegant radiance. A Dekorman Laminate Collection with EIR & Handscraped is CASTLE.


In today’s world, laminate floorings are more common in 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm thicknesses. Although thickness is not related to durability, thicker laminate floorings impose positive benefits on resisting uneven sub-floors, while also reducing noises. Some manufacturers count the thickness of the attached pad, but we don’t. In fact, our products share only two types of thickness: 12mm and 15mm. Most of our products are 12mm thickness, while the collection of ORIGINAL is 15mm thickness that is not typical, but has enjoyed good sales and positive feedback since we launched them in 2009. You’re always welcome to go to our dealers’ stores or order samples to measure and review our products.

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